December 16, 2016 at 7:00pm | Denise Bodman
Though it may seem undesirable or unrealistic to sell your house during the winter months, due to all of the holidays and traveling during this time, there are still certain advantages to selling in winter.

Decorate, but lightly.
Make sure that your winter decorations are non-religious, unassuming, and comforting. Warm lighting, a fire in the fireplace, candles, and small ornamental objects around the house can contribute to the overall atmosphere of your home. If a buyer can imagine themselves comfortable and warm in the middle of winter, they’ll be more likely to want to purchase the property.

Keep your house clean and clear.
This includes the outside of your house as well! Keep snow shoveled, keep the driveway salted, and make absolutely sure that every door and window in the house works; otherwise, get out the WD40.

Keep your place warm.
This, along with decorations, will help your house seem cozy and pleasant. More than anything else, you want to be focused on making your house seem like a place that this future homeowner could live in.

Don’t expect a huge turnout. 
Remember, you’re selling off-season. Be certain, above all, that this is what you want to be doing. Because the buyer pool is reduced heavily, buyers have the upper hand in wintertime negotiations. They will be in a stronger position regarding the contract and obligations, because very few people are looking at this time.

Engage with agents as much as you can. 
Since winter is the off-season, brokers and agents will be looking more than usual for business. Use these intermediaries as much as you can, and keep in repeated contact with them.

Be flexible. 
It’s important to recognize that you and your buyer may have different ideas in mind about moving times and dates. Ask, early on, when your buyer wants to move in, and if they’re fine moving in after the holiday season is over. This gives you time to stay in your home during the holidays, and move out at the beginning of the new year.

Overall, make sure that you are open, flexible, and as courteous as possible about your home buying transaction. Hire a kind and reliable agent, keep your house inviting but minimalist, and find buyers who are motivated to secure a purchase. And remember—the new year is right around the corner. Try to relax and enjoy your holidays!



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