July 17, 2017 at 5:17pm | Denise Bodman

By Jacob Lundquist

Energy efficiency is not only a valuable and eco-friendly goal, it’s also a huge attraction to new buyers and renters. Approximately two-thirds (66%) of Americans see environmentally-friendly action as a benefit, and 60% of Americans want to make their lives more eco-friendly. It is clear to see that environmental responsibility is an important factor in many people’s decisions—it’s therefore a great selling point for your properties.
Here are some ways to make your properties more energy efficient (and more marketable!)
Although this isn’t directly in your hands, you can always make sure that the properties you invest in are near efficient and helpful public transportation—buses and shuttles are some of the most sought-after options. Smaller decisions, like adding a bike rack or incentivizing bike riding, can also help make your property more environmentally conscious.
The fall of standard incandescent bulbs is well-documented, and shows that people are interested in LED and halogen bulbs more than anything else. These energy- saving lightbulbs are a great selling point, and can brighten up a space significantly.
On average, the environmental cost of heating has gone down tremendously; similarly, water usage is decreasing overall. People are attracted to new and low-energy cost appliances.
Providing recycling bins and facilities, instead of just trash bins, can help reduce your carbon footprint and let people know that you care about the world! Though less popular, facilities for composting can also be an exciting and ultramodern proposal that draws in people with a communal atmosphere.
Insulation—in walls, doorframes, and window seals—can be very helpful in lowering energy bills and making rooms more safe. Effective and well-kept insulation will lower people’s cost of living and make them more interested in the property.
If you pre-furnish your spaces, you have more control over specific features. For instance, lighter wall colors, large area rugs, window treatments and blinds, and energy-efficient smaller appliances can all keep in light and heat more effectively.
Having trees, shrubs, and bushes around your property can not only make it seem more environmentally conscious, but also make it seem more homey. People love plants, whether it’s a large tree or a simple flower.


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