July 17, 2019 at 11:15am | Denise Bodman

Summers in Austin are hot, sunny, and filled with possibility. Whether you're trying to beat the heat by exploring some of Austin's natural wonders or grabbing a sweet treat to cool down after a long day, there's plenty to see and do. Catch some of these must-do summer activities before the season is over!

This lovely water hole is the best!! Centrally located with tons of friendly faces and fresh spring-fed water from the fourth largest spring in Texas,  Barton Springsstays at a cool 68 degrees all year-round. It takes a little bravery to dip your toe in at first – but with our Texas heat – you might just dive right in!!!

Austin's free summer music series has been going for nearly 30 years and is a favorite pass time for Austinites old and new! Drop by Zilker Park on select summer weekends from May through August to see free live music in Austin's iconic park. Grab a blanket and don't forget to arrive early to get good seats!

The views, the drinks, the vibe!  It’s totally summer at this hilltop restaurant overlooking the lake with incredible views! The Oasis on Lake Travishas live music, an on-site brewery, great food, and one of the best seats in town. Don't miss out on this Austin jewel!

When it comes to snow cones, the best one is always the one you're eating at the time, but that doesn't mean you can't be a little choosy. Here are my two local favorites to help you bring your snow cone game to the next level!
One of Austin's original food truck vendors, Sno-Beach has two locations - one on Guadalupe and one at Barton Springs. Grab a seat under one of their shady umbrellas for a little protection from the sun while you snack on a tasty treat!  
Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs
Located at 51st and Airport – don’t faint – they have homemade custard that they can stuff into your snow cone!  There are also sugar-free options available for sweets conscious customers. Personally, I prefer my snow cone sugar levels at max volume and dream about these for days afterward! 

Haven't seen the bats yet?  Well now is the time to mosey on over to the South Congress Bridge – also known as the “Bat Bridge” - at sunset.  Make reservations at Arlo Grey inside of The Line hotel for dinner before or after.  They have a fantastic spin on an ol’ fav of mine – Hamburger helper – that definitely hits the spot.  How did top chef winner Kristen Kish come up with the name “Arlo Grey”?  From what I understand it is what she would have named her firstborn child.  I guess her firstborn child is now her restaurant! Shout out to all of those inspiring restaurateurs that make our lives wonderful here in the great City of Austin!
The bats are a spectacular natural sight to see.  I’ve watched them a few times and the swirl reminds me of the black smoke monster on the show “Lost”.  It’s breathtaking on a good night.

                                                                                   Image Source: Amy's Ice Cream Facebook Page

All you need is ice cream! Amy's is an Austin institution and you simply MUST visit one of the many locations around town. My fave flavor is Mexican vanilla ice-cream with nuts and strawberries folded in. Not to push the sweets here, but it is summertime after all!

                                                                                 Photo Source: Schlitterbahn Facebook Page

Keep your cool at Schlitterbahn – it’s a drive – but it is worth it! New Braunfels is about an hour drive from downtown Austin. You can bring your own cooler full of drinks and lunch and choose your degree of fun. There is a lazy river, more my style, and there is also the “Dragon’s Revenge” which is an uphill water coaster! WHAT! UPHILL! How in the world did they do that?

Want to stay in nature, but not set up a tent?  McKinney Falls State Park has six cabins with air conditioning.  No shame here, I love nature, but I also love air conditioning!  Let the kiddos run free and enjoy the great outdoors.  There is also a 2.8-mile trail that has a hard surface, for strollers and road bikes as well as nine miles of hike and bike trails.  Nothing makes you feel and hear the summer like the crickets rubbing their wings together to make that cool little noise and the cicadas have a special organ called a tymbal that produces sound.  I love these noises! Makes me feel like a kid again.
Do you have a favorite summer activity in Austin? Let us know in the comments below!



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